A Change of Direction

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted here in almost nine months. After the election, I didn’t come across anything that made me feel compelled to comment. In fact, I was exhausted from it all, and ended up taking a hiatus from posting here.

I am still primarily focused on bible prophecy as it might be found in current events, but I feel that it is time for an expansion of this blog’s direction. While away from here, I have been watching the circus that current events and news have become. I have tried to make sense of it all. It makes no sense. The individual stories are a maelstrom of idiocy and evil. Taken as a whole, the overriding theme seems to be a concerted, coordinated offensive of evil against what few bastions of good and freedom remain in this world. That’s no big surprise, nor is it anything new, except that just from my own humble, low-to-the-horizon point of view, I’ve never seen anything like it to this magnitude.

What I have acquired during this time off is a rising feeling of alarm. I see an utterly untenable situation in the west, and when somebody steps up to breach the gap and stop the decline of the west, they are swarmed by the most bizarre coalition of attackers imaginable, groups that on the surface have no connection (or worse, have overt conflict of philosophies). If one believes that God is truly in control of the affairs of men (as I do), then to wring hands and ponder what it all means is really a waste of time. Whoever sits in the White House, or any other seat of power, has been placed there by God for his purposes. We can speculate what those purposes are in the short-term (we know what they are long-term), but even that has a very limited value. We know where this is all going; at best, analyzing it all tells us where along the path we are.

The alarm I feel isn’t that the end is near. It is near, and that is the one thing that gives me hope. No, the alarm I feel is at the growing revelation of how deluded, deceived, and disconnected people are, and at the surge of hypnotic garbage being hurled at them. Day and night, 24/7/365, we are hosed with an endless, vile stream of immoral emesis designed to distract and anesthetize us.  And while I have always been aware of an undercurrent of occultism and anti-Christian/anti-Jewish sentiment in media, I have recently become more sensitive to it, and not just because it’s getting worse and more blatant. I could go all day long and find things for you that are loaded with occult symbolism; it would be like trying to find garbage at a landfill. But some of those things, in their context, are loaded with import.

So, prophecy is still an important thing to consider because, as I said above, it helps us to know where we are on the road map to the end, but I hope to expand into exposing some of the poison “they” are trying to feed us. If we learn some of what they are doing to us and how they are doing it, it can only make us wiser and less susceptible to it. I also hope to include some actual bible teaching and exposition. Overall, this new direction is to wake people up to the world, the imminence of its end, and the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I can’t guarantee that I won’t vent about something periodically, but politics for politics’ sake won’t be the topic.


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