Of Old Men’s Dreams, Part 2

In the previous post, I detailed what I believed was a warning dream about the schemes of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to hoodwink the American church into voting for Clinton, or to lull them to sleep so they don’t vote against her. Today, I will relate two rather short dreams that I believe also concern the 2016 presidential election, along with what I believe these dreams meant. Of course, it is up to you whether you believe these dreams have merit, or if they are the weird fruits of a troubled mind.


These dreams happened sometime around October 2015, one only a night or two after the first. In the first, I dreamed of presidential candidate Donald Trump ascending a very high dais draped with blue in front of the podium and behind. From where I stood among the crowd, he seemed to be as high as the second floor of a building. On the podium behind which Mr. Trump stood was the Seal of the President of the United States. However, this seal was not that which we are accustomed to seeing in front of many Presidents in the past. This seal, while an official seal, was different. When I noticed this, I immediately understood that Mr. Trump had made this seal himself. Along with this, I also understood that it meant that he had won the Presidency by the work of his own hands, that he had essentially won it in spite of concerted efforts to keep him from it. In short, the powers that be had conspired to deprive him of the Presidency (keep the Presidential seal away from him), but he simply made his own seal and ascended to the office anyway. A jubilant mood swirled around the crowd and Mr. Trump. Here the dream ended.

I should note that I did not get the impression that Mr. Trump had done anything fraudulent or underhanded in creating his own seal. I only felt that he had outsmarted those who were acting underhandedly and fraudulently to keep him out of office. Since the Republican debates have begun, I have suspected that the Republican National Committee would try something similar to the maneuver they employed at the 2012 convention to keep Ron Paul out of the running. This dream leads me to believe that even if they do, their schemes against Mr. Trump will not be successful.

The second dream occurred two nights later. In it, I watched from some distance as Mr. Trump descended stairs from a scaffolding, kind of like one might see from the back side of a temporary platform at an outdoor rally. As I looked at him, I suddenly “just knew” that the person I was looking at wasn’t Donald Trump. It looked like Donald Trump, sounded like Donald Trump, and acted like Donald Trump, but it wasn’t. I understood that what I was seeing was a double. With that, I also understood that it didn’t mean that Mr. Trump was being phony, or wasn’t who he portrayed himself to be. I understood it to mean that all the attacks against Mr. Trump would be as ineffectual as if they were directed at somebody else, like a double. Again, I had no sense of any fraud or duplicity on Mr. Trump’s part, but only an immunity to numerous attacks and media distortions.

There isn’t much to add to these dreams in the way of analysis. You are welcome to accept or reject these as you see fit. I guess only time will tell if I heard something from the Holy Spirit in these matters, or if I just have really weird dreams about political figures.

In the next post, I will detail a dream I had about Barack Obama shortly after he was elected in November 2008.  I think that this dream has already proven to be accurate. I will leave it to you, however, to decide on your own.