Of Old Men’s Dreams Part 3: Streets Aflame

Aftermath of 2015 Baltimore riots

Only a month and a half after I promised to post the third in the series of political dreams, but in that time, this blog has had two–TWO–visitors, and then not to either of the dreams posts. So, if I’m tardy in posting something new, I’m sure you won’t mind, since you aren’t there. This truly is The Empty Church.  Perhaps I should change the name of this blog, just as its purpose has changed.

But enough boohooing about my abysmal web statistics. The fact is that I’m not doing this so I can become the next big Christian blogmeister.  I thought you should know that if you are reading this, you are a member of an exquisitely minuscule minority–fewer people than have walked on the moon.

Former Connecticut (D) Senator and 2000 Vice-Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman

This third dream came to me very shortly after the election of Barack Obama in 2008. It was nighttime (or at least very dark outside). I stood next to the Presidential limousine on the driver’s side, where rear door was open. An unknown man sat in the driver’s seat, and Barack Obama sat in the front passenger seat. An older man who was, or strongly resembled former senator Joseph Lieberman, sat in the back seat on the driver side. (Why Joe Lieberman should feature in this at all is beyond me). However, in the dream, Lieberman (for lack of a better label) is a brooding, dark personality that exudes extreme danger.

Emperor Barack Obama

You have to understand that I have a law enforcement background, and at the time I was very unhappy about Obama’s election. I think part of the dream is me trying to reconcile myself with this unhappy state of affairs. Through the open back door where “Lieberman” is sitting, I try to persuade Obama and his bodyguards that this person is dangerous and the President should be moved away from him. During my rather desperate pleas to be heard, Obama sat unmoved. He sat upright in his seat and stared straight forward; his behavior made me think (in the dream) that he was acting like a mafia boss; this dangerous man did not worry him because this dangerous man was under his control.

I moved around to the front of the limousine (I don’t remember why) and at that time, “Lieberman” exited the vehicle and began attacking. His appearance hadn’t changed, but he had become an almost unkillable machine spewing flames in all directions. As I watched this through the windshield of the limo, I saw Obama sitting there still unmoved. He was utterly unconcerned as this man killed and destroyed. I understood that while “Lieberman” could be stopped, he was almost like the Terminator in that it would take an extraordinary, coordinated effort to destroy him. And here it ended.


Certainly Obama has unleashed chaos and violence on this nation. He is the Divider-in-Chief, sowing wherever he can division and discord, empowering criminals and hobbling law enforcement. There have been riots, terror, and violence under his rule. The federal government has morphed into a hated instrument of persecution and injustice. It is as if we do indeed have a crime lord in the White House, for criminals fill the halls of government, and the Executive branch is a cesspool of graft, corruption, mendacity, and overt anti-Christian, anti-Israeli, and pro-Islam bias. While I doubt Obama is the Antichrist, he is certainly an antichrist, and preparing the way for the Antichrist. Perhaps he is best described as an anti-John the Baptist. Truly, the devil has come down to Washington DC (but in all fairness, he’s probably had a standing accommodation at the Watergate Hotel for years).

I find it impossible to pray for this person, in spite of the biblical admonition to do so. The most I can do is pray for his speedy removal, because I believe Barack Obama is punishment sent on America for its idolatry, sorcery, necromancy, murders, greed, and violence. God forbid that another like him should follow. God forbid that America should continue on the immoral course that brought this judgment upon us, yet I see little sign of change.

I think I understand this dream, but I feel there are still elements about it that I haven’t understood. This much is certain; America is at the critical point in its history. How we proceed may determine whether we stand or fall.




I Have Returned

It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog. While I will spare you the boredom of hearing the sad tale why I was gone, I will explain this: During my absence from this blog, I was also largely absent from the internet and from massive US cable/satellite television for over two years. I lived without 99% of the news and social input to which I had been accustomed when I began this blog. No, I was not in prison.

I returned to the 21st century about two weeks ago, both with television and internet service. A lot has changed in the world. When I left in 2012, Isis was a member of the ancient Egyptian pantheon (and a really tacky Saturday morning kid’s show in the 70s). When I came back, it was now an acronym in all caps–ISIS–and the new, awful face of Islamic jihad upon the world.

When I last blogged here in September 2013, I cared to the point of agony that Barack Obama was not only a horrible President, but an illegitimate one deliberately bent on destroying America. When I returned, I had come to accept that this country didn’t have the moral courage to oust the pretender, and I now no longer care. Removing Barack Obama from office now would be like cutting the gangrenous leg off a dead person–pointless and messy.

Larger issues have emerged in my mind, beyond the state of the United States. What I do care about, more so now than ever, is how current events may (or may not) fit into biblical prophecies of the end. I believe Barack Obama has “jumped the shark” if you will in prophetic significance. He could surprise us all and suddenly sprout horns on his head (metaphorically speaking), but it seems unlikely. I do think that it is fairly evident by now that Obama is indeed–as Allen West coined–an islamapologist at the least, an Islamic Manchurian Candidate at worst. Generally, I assume the worst.

But things in the world are shifting mightily, and Obama’s role in it merely seems to be to hamstring the United States so it cannot exert its influence. The rise of Isis, the ascendency of Russia militarily and of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) economically, and the drift of once moderate Turkey toward Islamic lunacy, are all potentially significant events prophetically.

So I will resume posting shortly, and while I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I hope to throw out some things for your consideration.  A lot of them will probably be ideas borrowed from others and expanded on; maybe a few of them will be original. All of them I hope will encourage you to look at this world a little differently than how you are accustomed, and maybe in the process find some truth yourself.

Looking for Mr. Antichrist

A long time ago I stopped actively trying to decipher who the Antichrist would be.  Honestly, there are far too many qualified candidates, and any competition would end up looking like a Miss Universe pageant filled with bloated politicians and hirsute dictators.  Once in a great while, however, some low-life thug will do or say something that resonates with that little guy in the basement of my psyche whose unhappy job is to vet all possible contenders for Antichrist.  This time, it’s Barack Obama who has managed to ring the poor fellow’s bell, and it’s not just because I dislike Obama (vehemently, spittle-blowingly so), but because of an odd confluence of current events, guerrilla media stories, and dust-covered course notes from Theology IV and Christian Eschatology.

Having already made public his undying love for the Muslim Brotherhood, Outlander-in-Chief Barack Obama further infuriates decent Americans and baffles the rest of world with his obsessive need to attack Syria, and to do so in support of the murdering, raping, beheading, Free Syrian Army.  The FSA has been running about the Syrian countryside, burning Christian churches, and beheading or otherwise murdering Christians, but Obama demonizes the Assad government whose army, oddly enough, has reportedly rescued Syrian Christians from these FSA devils.

Then that lonely little dude in the basement called, just to mention that Obama matched part of Revelation 13:7:

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them…

There the similarity stops, because there isn’t enough beer on the planet to make its whole population worship Obama.  Most of the world thinks he is a neophyte and an utterly incompetent boob.  But for a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mr. Obama is far too eager to shed blood, which brings me to a bible verse that fits him to the letter–Proverbs 6:16-19:

There are six things that the Lord hates,
seven that are an abomination to him:
haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
and hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked plans,
feet that make haste to run to evil,
a false witness who breathes out lies,
and one who sows discord among brothers.

Well Mr. Obama, you may not have the chutzpah to be the Antichrist, but you sure know how to act like one.  But don’t despair–you’ve got the Fool of Proverbs 6 down pat.

“The Bible” on The History Channel

It was only a matter of time before those felonious revisionists at the History Channel would commit more violence against the Christian story of faith.  Their latest crime against Christianity is the appallingly erroneous and epically mis-titled series “The Bible.”

My intention in this post is not to pick apart the series and catalog its multitudinous errors–that would be a task filling an entire website.  It is rather to show briefly that The History Channel has not lessened its anti-Christian bias in the slightest, and that “The Bible” isn’t worth the time one would waste watching it.  To discerning, bible-literate Christians, it is offensive in its mendacity; to others, it is perilously misleading.

I have caught bits and pieces of the series since it began, and up until recently my timing hadn’t been such that I’ve caught any errors, although I suspect the Old Testament stories have been recounted in a prosaic and neatly emasculated,  politically correct manner.  And I must give a tip of the hat to them for casting an actor to play Satan who looks very similar to our Pretender President, Barack Hussein Obama.  But when they come to the New Testament, the producers must soon face a decision–what will they do about the deity of Jesus Christ?  They can’t dodge it; it is the topic about which the entire New Testament revolves.  It boils down to a simple, either-or proposition: uphold His deity, or deny it.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which path they chose.

Aside from errors concerning the logistics of the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 (the crowd didn’t mob willy-nilly around the Disciples to get their food–Jesus had them sit in groups and the Disciples fed them in an orderly fashion), the scene was little more than somewhat annoying in its amateurish handling of one of the greatest miracles of the New Testament. If there were any tremendous heresies here, I didn’t catch them.  But the storm on the Sea of Galilee and Jesus walking on the water is another matter.

Here it’s not just Peter’s opinion of who Jesus is, or how the fish and bread were distributed to the masses.  No, here we have a clash of faith and good old-fashioned physics.  It’s a good tale, and a well-known one, so it must be included, but there is that nagging issue of Jesus’ deity.  Walking on water–even today the phrase is used to mean perfection, God-like inerrancy.

The whole scene of the storm is well done (in spite of the inclusion of a extra-biblical female in the Disciples’ group). The appearance of Jesus on the water is chillingly ghostlike, making the Disciples’ initial reaction that it was a ghost entirely believable.  Peter’s challenge “if that’s really you Jesus, then have me walk on the water to you” is omitted.  Peter simply steps out of the boat, and for a few miraculous seconds, he stands on the waves. Then he loses his faith at the sight of the storm and sinks. Jesus’ hand shoots into the water, and the scene slows as he says “Oh you of little faith. Why didn’t you trust me?”

And then Peter awakens from his dream, laying on the beach, as dry as a Baptist picnic.

Clever devils you are, History Channel.  It was all a dream.  Jesus didn’t really walk on the water.  Peter just dreamed it because of some nagging psychological self-doubt.  And in your cleverness you have shown your hand–to you the deity of Jesus Christ is just another fable in an old book written millennia  ago by grizzled old misogynists to justify their patristic society.

The Bible (the book, not the sorry mini-series) is the account of the creation, fall, and ultimate redemption of mankind by God in the person of Jesus Christ.  The mini-series prefers to skip over that detail, making their whole endeavor utterly pointless, for Christians anyway.  But their point was never to hold up Christ to the world.  It was to subtly hold up His word to mockery and disdain.  No Christian should watch this production thinking that it has any value other than to demonstrate the world’s hatred of our Savior.